Bio Sculpture Nails

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Hands and Feet

Bio Sculpture Gel Overlays

I stock a wide choice of gel colours, including chrome and glitters.

Our 5-star rated gel is applied over the natural nail for strength, and a finish that dries instantly. Stays looking perfect for two weeks.

– Natural overlays (clear) £31

– French overlays (white tips) £38

– Colour overlays £36

-Removal of gel and new overlays applied £42

– Gel on toes £31

Bio Sculpture Gel Extensions

If you require length; opt for extensions. A plastic tip is glued to your nail before gel application.

– Natural extensions £50
– White tip extensions £48
– Colour extensions £50

– Nail replacements (after 2 weeks any replacements will cost) £5 each
– Removal of gel and tidy nails £23
– Removal of gel when having gel reapplied/another nail service £6
– Nail art from £1
– Glitters and chrome effect (for gel) £5 per set

Please note: If you follow the aftercare given but have any lifting or breaks within two weeks of having them done, I will gladly fix them free of charge, as long as they have not been pulled at or tampered with. If you want a nail/nails fixed after this two weeks then we make a charge. Ideally you would have them all redone at this point. We do not offer money back for sets lasting less than two weeks, only free fixes during this time.

Manicures and pedicures

Using Bio Sculpture EVO nail varnishes.

– File and polish (hands or feet) £19

– Manicure £35
File and shape nails, hand soak, hand exfoliation, cuticle work, hand massage and polish.

– Manicure with gel £49

– Pedicure £40
Spa soak, nail and cuticle work, scrub, pumice, massage and polish.

– Luxury pedicure £49
As above, with the extra treat of a foot mask, for super soft feet.

– Pedicure with gel £51

– Luxury pedicure with gel £61