Eye Treatments

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A patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to tinting, LVL, and eyelash extensions.

• Eyelash tint £15
• Eyebrow tint £9
• Eyelash and brow tint £19.50
• Eyebrow shape £10
• Eyelash and brow tint, and eyebrow shape £27
• Eyebrow shape and tint £17

LVL Lashes

Make the most of your own lashes with an eyelash lift. Lasts 4 weeks, tint included £47

Henna Brows

A longer lasting tint on brows and stains the skin to improve the appearance of gappy, sparse brows. Lasts from 5 -21 days on skin. Includes eyebrow shape.  £35

LVL treatment