Intense Pulsed Light

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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Using the FormaTK IPL machine

Hair Removal

How it works:
IPL is a high energy beam of light which seeks out colour (or pigment) in the hair shaft and heats it up. This causes damage to the base of the hair follicle and so prevents the hair from regrowing.

Who is it suitable for?
The darker the hair, the better the result. It will not work on blonde or white hairs. The lighter the skin the better the result, this treatment cannot be done on darker skin tones or very tanned skin as it contains too much pigment. Certain medications and health conditions are also contra-indicated for this treatment.

What next?
Why not book in for a consultation. If you are suitable we will also do a patch test on the area that day and talk through before and aftercare for future appointments.

Results vary person to person, but on average 5-10 sessions are required.

Upper lip £25
Chin £25
Upper lip and chin £35
Underarm £35
Bikini line (standard) £35
Upper lip, chin and sides of face £60
Half arm £60
Brazilian (strip left at the top) £60
Hollywood (everything off) £60
Stomach £60
Back (man) £90
Chest (man) £90
Full arm £85
Full leg £140

Half leg £70

Skin rejeuvenation

Skin rejuvenation facial helps with; active acne, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea and gives an all round brightening effect. Includes cleanse, exfoliation, IPL, soothing mask and moisturise.
60 minutes £80

Pigmentation treatment sun spots/age spots, are caused by an excess amount of melanin. Melanin absorbs the light from the IPL and heats up quickly, temporarily darkening the pigment. The heat breaks down melanin particles, the body recognises it as waste and brings it to the surface to flake away. 2-4 treatments, once every 3 weeks. Small area £30.

Thread veins Veins with faulty valves allow some blood to escape into capillaries forming thread veins. Light from the IPL is absorbed by the blood vessel and breaks down the vessel wall. Effective treatment allows the vein wall to collapse, it will blur and gradually fade. 3-6 treatments once every 3 weeks. Small area £30